The One Can Plastic Jerrycans

The One Can Plastic Jerrycans are made from high density polyethylene for durability and reliability, giving you the best possible packaging. These are a great multipurpose container for transporting and storing oils, fuels, chemicals and food products, with expertly designed easy stack components. These jerrycans include stacking lugs moulded in to the top, bottom and sides of the container allowing it to interlock and slot together when stacked for secure and safer transportation.
The One Can stackable container is supplied by One Plastics.

  • Plastic Jerrycans are available in 5, 10, 20 and 25 litre quantities
  • All jerrycans come with tamper evident vented or non-vented caps
  • Manufactured from food grade materials
  • UN approved for transportation of hazardous materials
  • Available in natural, white, blue, black, red or grey colours
  • Jerrycans per pallet:
5lt – 400 per pallet
10lt – 208 per pallet
20lt – 120 per pallet
25lt – 100 per pallet